Dental Labs Wishing to License this Appliance

Dental Lab Information:

The Luco Hybrid OSA Appliance is available for licensing currently.

  • In the USA it is FDA approved and registered (K130797)
  • In Canada, Luco Hybrid OSA Appliance Inc. is MDEL registered (5315)
  • In the European Union, the appliance is fully registered with medical representation in place

Standard licensing arrangements are available for labs wishing to license this appliance.

There are 2 patents on this appliance: the design and a utility patent on the cast framework. There is a patent pending on the forward bite position.

The New Generation

The Luco Hybrid OSA Appliance is in the new class of OSA appliances  and incorporates a number of innovations. It activates pharyngeal reflexes to advance the tongue and mandible naturally. It is clinically verified and proven effective. If you are interested in offering this appliance to your clients, it is available for licensing in the regions above immediately.

If you are interested in more information on licensing this appliance, please complete the online form and you will be contacted to discuss this further.

More Information on Licensing