Dentists New to the Luco Hybrid

If you are a dentist who has never used the Luco Hybrid we can help.

We offer one-on-one support if needed.

As with all OSA appliances you need:

  • good quality casts or full arch digital scans of upper and lower teeth
  • a protrusive bite registration using a George Gauge or similar
  • a completed prescription form

For the protrusive bite registration we recommend 50% for OSA and primary snoring, and 75% for sleep-related bruxism. If the patient suffers from both OSA and sleep-related bruxism, use the 75% advancement and you will address both conditions.

As is discussed in the dentist’s manual, for sleep-related bruxism, you will need to re-check the position weekly and reset to 75% advancement. This is due to the masticatory and neck muscles relaxing and lengthening. It is not unusual to need to advance a patient 2-3mm (8-12 turns) after the first week due to muscle relaxation! By maintaining the 75% advancement, treatment will advance rapidly and the patient will be very comfortable quickly.

With OSA and snoring, there is little muscle change, and the only time advancement is needed is if they are still showing symptoms of OSA or snoring. We recommend small adjustments of 0.5mm (2 turns) at a time as the changes to the pharynx with slight movements can be significant.

If you would like to use the Luco Hybrid and have questions, please contact us and we will assist.