Designed for Patient Comfort

The Luco Hybrid OSA Appliance is designed with two distinct materials: methylmethacrylate, a polymer (acrylic) and chrome cobalt, a robust  metal that is very strong and durable. These materials were chosen to reduce the size of the appliance while maintaining the strength. Both materials are very safe, FDA cleared and extensively used in general dentistry (dentures, orthodontic appliances for children).

Some OSA appliances have bars or screws on the outer surface. When the patient is lying on their side or on their stomachs, these bars and screws can press into the cheeks irritating them. With the Luco Hybrid OSA Appliance, the outer surfaces are smooth and polished preventing his type of irritation. This is especially appreciated when the patients sleep on one side or the other.

Smooth and Polished Outer Surface

During normal sleep the lower jaw moves around gently. This is termed RMMA or rhythmic mandibular muscle activity and can easily be recorded in overnight sleep studies. This is different than Sleep Related Bruxism and occurs in normal individuls. OSA appliances that do not allow for this movement can be uncomfortable for the patient to wear. The RMMA movement is restricted which may interfere with sleep. These appliancs are usually fixed in the front and do not allow Mandibular opening. The Luco Hybrid OSA Appliance is designed to allow movement forward and side-to-side freely, enhancing the comfort of the appliance. It also allows full opening without restriction. This’s feature has allowed patients suffering from claustrophobia to easily wear the appliance.

Some appliances have wires inside, on the roof of the mouth. The normal tongue at rest postures into the forward part of the palate and can become very irritated in some people. The Luco Hybrid OSA Appliance has a very thin framework in this region that is smooth and does not effect the tongue position or comfort.

The inside of the appliance is also very smooth for tongue comfort. Ther is no material in the front allowing the tongue to comfortably rest in this region. The metal plate moulded to the inside of the lower incisors is very thin and smooth. This plate prevents shifting of the lower incisors (which the ouster retainer wire), which is a risk with most appliances.

The Luco Hybrid OSA Appliance is comfortable, strong and very effective in treatment. It is very well tolerated by patients with a 94% compliance rate at 3 years! CPAPs, in comparison,  have around a 47% to 56% compliance rate at 1 year.