How OSA Affects Pre-Teens and Teens

It all starts with disturbed sleep. This leads to depression and anger (they feel that cannot control their lives).OSA Teens 1

The depression leads to a poor diet, poor health, susceptibility to infections and malnutrition.

OSA Teens 2

The poor diet is usually high in carbs, low in nutrition and high in calories.

OSA Teens 3

The poor diet often leads to weight gain.

OSA Teens 4

The weight gain results in more depression.

OSA Teens 5

The increase in depression can progress into serious  psychological problems in some.OSA Teens 6

Add peer pressure to the mix and you have an increase in all of the above.


OSA Teens 7


 OSA Teens 8

The increased weight increases the risk of OSA progressing into more severe stages.

OSA Teens 9

As can be seen in these slides, sleep apnea in teens or pre-teens can be devastating to the child. Add poor school performance and pressure from peers, teachers and parents and the child can feel they are a failure and hopeless. Hormones do not help either. Often, with proper treatment of OSA, the child break free of this vicious circle.


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