The 90 Degree Wing Design

The patented wing design on the Luco Hybrid is very unique. Most appliances use a 70-degree wing design. This 70-degree wing angle was designed to slide the lower jaw forward when chewing to correct Class II malocclusions (overbites). OSA appliances work upon a completely different principle however: the lower jaw is actively held forward even in the absence of muscle contraction. A 70-degree angle actually allows the jaw and tongue to retrude or shift back into the throat region when the jaw falls open, compromising the airway

In contrast, the patented  90 degree wing of the Luco Hybrid retains the jaw forward much more efficiently. This is an important innovation in the Luco Hybrid.

With the cast framework extending into the wings and adjustment blocks as a cast mesh, the wings are very well reinforced. For dentists, this resistant to breakage translates into less disruption of your schedule to see a patient with a broken appliance, faster titration (due to the 75%-85% starting position), more predictable results in treatment. happier patients and more referrals from satisfied sleep clinics. For the patients, it means less time off from work, less arranging for babysitters and fighting traffic to get in for impressions and then again to pick up the appliance, all the while being out of treatment!

90-degree wing

This design innovation may not seem like much but when we are dealing with a little over 1 cm of total forward movement of the jaw, allowing any movement back results in a decrease in appliance performance and an increase in symptoms. Some OSA appliances actually rely upon elastic bands to hold the jaw closed during sleep in an attempt to overcome the problem with the 70-degree wings. This inactivates the reflexes of the jaws and promotes retrusion and closure of the mandible (Sleep-Related Bruxism) and accelerated wear to the appliance.

This unique wing design is patented along with the cast framework and materials used. With a lifespan of the framework of 3-4  years, this is a long term solution you can offer your patients not possible before. And one you will be proud to offer to your patients as a quality appliance that provides exceptional treatment and a good value for the money, that is comfortable to wear.