Treatment of Sleep Apnea and Snoring


Records Required:

  1. accurate casts or digital scans
  2. protrusive bite registration
  3. prescription form


Starting Position:

The starting position for sleep apnea and snoring varies considerably between different doctors. The Luco Hybrid can be constructed at whatever your preferred starting point is. With the adjustable side screws, there is 6mm of forward advancement possible. Considering the average person only has a 10-12mm protrusive range, you likely will not run out of adjustment.

Vertical Opening:

Vertical also varies considerably. The Luco Hybrid requires a minimum 2 mm incisal opening, to allow for the materials of the appliance. WE have found a 2 mm works for most patients very well and is well tolerated.


There are many types of malocclusions that can occur.

  • Class I crowded
  • Class I mutilated (missing molars or bicuspids with resulting occlusal collapse
  • Class II constricted maxilla with flared incisors (division 1)
  • Class II excessively long maxilla
  • Class II retrognathic mandible
  • Class II retruded incisors (division 2)
  • Class III deficient maxilla
  • Class III excessive mandible
  • Pseudo Class II (lower jaw displaced posterior compressing TMJ)
  • Pseudo Class III (lower jaw displaced anteriorly into anterior cross bite)

And any combination of the above. Genetics can be cruel!

Any of these can be referred into your practice for an oral appliance to treat OSA or snoring.